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Internet Nebraska:
Lincoln: 402-434-8680
Toll Free: 800-GET-INET (800-438-4638)

Universal Service Fund E-Rate Participant

Modem Update Links

If you have a 56k modem and are having difficulty with your connection, please verify that you are using the most recent software for your modem. We've included some links that will help you find the firmware upgrade for your modem:

o Atlas Peripherals:
Atlas Peripherals

o Apple Macintosh iMac and Powerbook G3:

o Boca Research:
Boca Research v.90 update

o Compaq PCI HCF modems:
Compaq Updates

o Compaq HSP modems:
PCTel Downloads

o Dell:
Dell Updates

o Diamond MM/Supra:
Diamond MM/Supra Updates

o Eiger Labs:
Eiger Labs Updates

o Gateway 2000:
Gateway 2000 Updates

o Global Village:
Global Village Updates

o Hayes, Practical Periferals:
Hayes Updates

o Lucent Technologies LT Winmodem (many mass manufactured computers, including some Packard Bell/NEC, some Hewlett Packard, some CTX, and many others):
Lucent Updates

o NewCom:
NewCom Updates

o Rockwell/Conexant:
Rockwell/Conexant Drivers

o U.S. Robotics/3Com:
U.S. Robotics Updates

o Viking:
Viking Updates

o Zoom:
Zoom Updates

If your problems persist after upgrading your modem drivers, you can then consult the excellent resources at and

Last Updated: July 11, 2001

ting! - A Revolutionary New Phone Service
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